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BBM for Windows is finally here and I have been very busy getting ready for it as there will be millions more joining BBM Channels and it’s important that I be able to somehow network with them in order to gain their membership!

Things have been going very smoothly on BlackBerrys lately and we have been growing at a good steady pace so much so that in no time at all we will have ten thousand members which is what every channel needs to attain in order to be really self sufficient in attracting other new members.

So now I continue on as usual until that day fingers crossed we get video support on BBMC bah!  Hey I want to be a BlackBerry Vlogging Video Star lol!
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It’s Canada Day and time for me to relax and take it easy! I have been so very busy working on promoting others and with Selfie Saturday and this whole network believe me it takes up time bah!

I have to start taking out more time for myself and just let things take care of themselves really as there is only so much time in a day.

Yes I have goals and believe me meeting them ahead of any perceived time is always something I strive for but I also must prioritize lol!

Anyways let’s keep Rockin it haha Rockit!
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I’m up in the wee hours of the AM posting to BERRY so always check out the menu bottom left bah! Oh and make sure to tap each article so it is marked read and the little red and white splat will disappear from the icon lol!

Anyways I’m loving this whole concept of being able to better communicate with you and everyone who supports my efforts!

At least this is one piece of tech that works wonderfully and hey it only took over a year to get proper Android support so I could post like this and make this all possible.

Creating my own network allows for more freedom of speech as BBMC is one real censorship bastion for the noobs who either flag a post by accident or because they want to slow progress no matter tumblr is a great place without such idiots lol!

There is so much at times to want to write about and I honestly know what is going on on in the tech world from experience and so this is where I get to inform you so that you can make better decisions.

At the moment I can tell you not everything is all roses for BlackBerry and I guess it is up to us to make it the best possible experience so that just maybe they will see what is possible concerning the future of BBMC.

They were supposed to come out with new UI improvements but it looks like they are holding out for the launch of these new phones which I think is the wrong strategy bah!

No matter eventually they will open their eyes and it will be we you and me who will force them by our own way of networking to make the appropriate changes necessary for the real success of BBMC.

I know BlackBerry thinks they make for success lol such ignorance of these noobs who can’t even properly post to their own official Channels haha!

Which makes me wonder who the heck they hiring but a bunch of amateurs because you know I have not seen one person who works for BlackBerry on BBMC who knows how to Rockit the Internet bahah!
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What’s my secret and how do I have so many people joining BlackBerrys! It’s important for your Channel to be very visible in the BBM Channels Search so much so that keywords are important to place in the description of your Channel Profile!

BlackBerrys gets more than 500 new members a month on search alone so yes I must admit being a BlackBerry Verified Channel helps out immensely but you too can make a big difference on how visible your Channel is by having a unique name for it as well as placing your Channel Pin in your BBM Profile and getting involved socially on BBMC and don’t forget those keywords!

Outside of that you must get your Channel onto the Internet so do your best to get a website and place a barcode to be scanned on it.  Oh and you might want to consider making an App using the BlackBerry App Generator!

See the real secret is you and how much work you are willing to put into it yes some people get their Channel featured by BlackBerry but then again wouldn’t you want to have built your Channel up and own all of the credit?! The answer is yes so Rockit!
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Thank you for supporting BERRY! It has been a lot of work and very challenging especially this past year with all that has been going on with the changes that came to BlackBerry.

Let’s face it last year when they were trying to sell BlackBerry we were all uncertain as to the future and everything was going down hill but with John Chen climbing on board there has been new life!

Finally I can plan and organize my life around BBMC and this whole BERRY network as now everything will run smoothly. So now truthfully I can tell you that this is going to be a pleasurable time from here on end moving forward!

People ask me all of the time what is the purpose of BlackBerrys the Channel as well as BERRY and if they can’t see it that’s there problem obviously they are noobs.

This gives me the opportunity to express exactly how I feel about all that encompasses what surrounds me without limitations and honestly if BBMC would not have had a 400 character limit and had url forwarding who knows what this all would look like now.

It is what it is and honestly it Rocks Hard!
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Reggaeboy C0010F477ً RockIt with you David. You RockIt 
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Brought to you by Thoughts from Lebanon C000C39AB
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Such a very busy time for me lately as I have been trying to do my best to keep people interested in continuing to support not only my own Channel but BBMC as a whole.

It can be difficult when the wind of negativity starts to blow around and people become lethargic.

So at times I have to find new ways in which to motivate and be motivated towards a more positive position.

A bit draining at times and I sure have to start pacing myself as honestly at this moment I am feeling bushed like the photo bah!

I realize pessimism is a part of the social environment but some people can take it to the level of being an annoyance!

Not being here to control and create a cult like atmosphere but some people want to try and affect the direction you want to take by making derogatory comments.

Only wish they would instead create a channel of their own and prove in concept that what they are spewing is much more than just flatulence.

The life of a BBMC Administrator you got to Rockit!
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Get BERRY the new App by BlackBerrys by this url or do a Search in BlackBerry World for BBMC!

Since there are over ten thousand people who had downloaded the previous App I thought they ought to know about this one!

A big thanks goes out to you who have downloaded it and continue to support me in my efforts.

Let’s Rockit!
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I want to Rockit the World but BBM Channels is a private mobile social network. So making this App was so important to be able to create a Network of my own with four websites powering it all!

It was a lot of work having decided I wanted something before the Summer hits as things are going to get very busy and honestly a BBM Channel is no place to archive it all because it will never get onto the Internet!

So I have brought the Internet to BBMC and to you who have been so gracious as to download it. It’s a big step up from my previous App that I launched last May 31st and have now discontinued with this one taking its place.

Thank you for the continued support let’s Rockit!
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It’s not going to matter what phone BlackBerry comes out with I can tell you that the carriers in Canada don’t want to support it having talked to different reps over an extended period of time.

If there is any support with this new BlackBerry Classic in November it would be very limited and almost certainly I would have to buy it on a platinum plan which I wouldn’t.

The problem stems from a marketing and sales perspective look Rogers didn’t want to support the Z30!  This was a direct result of low sales for the Z10 which should never have been launched without a totally complete OS.

Now BlackBerry in order to really cut costs have all but halted all marketing which has further diminished the visibility of their brand.

There is no such thing as the technological loyal people buy what is best and suits their style of living so with the earnings call it won’t matter be it enterprise positive because without a BlackBerry software is something that people care not about the security so much as the availability of what is popular in the app marketplace.
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What has driven me and why I Rockit my own way is because technology companies don’t care about the marketed individual but only what they can extract out of them.

Honestly they are control freaks who think that you will feel lost if you are not a part of their organization yes the herd mentality!

You have to be willing to setup your own domains and not be a follower or you lose your own identity to them as obviously you have to follow their structure when under their’s!

Why spend years developing anything under someone else’s brand when you can make something of yourself! Use them to further spread you!

You are the one that should receive the accolades for what you accomplish so don’t waste your time promoting them take total credit for the awesome that is you!

Be you create your own brand as it were. It’s your legacy your life and be proud that you are living it!
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You try to please as many people as possible when creating content online but not everyone is using a Smartphone that supports viewing the content that you want to share with them.

Such has been the frustration of wanting to use mobile to social network with. So many people are holding onto BBOS and for this reason it is very hard to drive this all forward when you can feel the drag back.

I Rockit forward it is up to those who have older devices to upgrade and get with it for I cannot allow what was to direct the future. I’m hoping that as this all transitions that you are still here with me to enjoy what came from hard work and perseverance.
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